The Brooklyn House Dress: 7 Styles

The Brooklyn House Dress: 7 Styles

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House dresses are all the rage, and it's no wonder why! What woman wouldn't want to feel like she's in her PJ's all day while still looking fabulous? Our new Brooklyn house dresses feature a loose, half-sleeve, exposed pockets, and beautiful brass buttons, making them nursing friendly. Fabric is ultra soft and lightweight. And if you're looking for something comfy to wear traveling, these are just the thing! Come in 3 sizes and 7 styles.


  • XS/S (0-6)
  • M/L (8-12)
  • XL/XXL (14-20)


  • Plum Stripe
  • Navy Stripe
  • Olive Stripe
  • Gray Stripe
  • Cranberry
  • Blue
  • Black