GRAB BAG! 3 Dresses

Yes, you read that right! We're offering a grab bag of 3 dresses for only $24.99! At regular price, you couldn't even get one dress at that price! At just over $8 a dress, you can't go wrong with this deal! It's simple! You pick the size, and we'll send you 3 dresses similar to those shown here. We have such a large stock of styles that we cannot show every single dress that may come in each grab bag. However, all of them are similar to styles shown in the sample collection.

*IMPORTANT: You do not choose your 3 dresses. You only choose the size. You will be sent 3 random dresses. Our warehouse makes every attempt to send 3 styles that are very different from each other. However, there may be cases when a customer recieves more than one dress of a similar style. For example, you may receive 2 tee dresses or 2 swing dresses; however, the print will always be different. 

*NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES will be accepted other than for damaged items.

This deal only goes till Friday, so don't miss out!


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